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In 2018, Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District will focus on “The Big Picture”-- a comprehensive Master Plan to shape the future of District parks, facilities and recreational programs offered in the community. To get started, we, as a community, will study and talk about the District’s existing parks, facilities and programs to identify improvements and new opportunities in each area.

All the ideas and suggestions will be pulled together to develop a comprehensive picture of the District’s future and a clear action plan for the next 10-15 years.

The Master Plan process is a yearlong project with an expected completion in January 2019. Community engagement and requests for input about The Big Picture will be ongoing. Residents should look for regular topics of discussion on the District’s website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

What is your BIG idea for The BIG Picture?


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About Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District

The Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District (PHRPD) is a Special District, an independent government agency separate from the City and other government agencies. The district is governed under the Public Resources Code of the State of California and an elected Board of Directors. Established in 1951, the district provides and manages extensive District-owned parks, facilities, open space, and recreation programs throughout the community. PHRPD's mission is to improve the quality of life for our local community by providing a wide variety of affordable and convenient recreation, sports, health, enrichment, educational and wellness programs, activities and events for all ages.

Our Impact
  • Promote an active, healthy life-style for preschool, youth, teens, adults and seniors.
  • Foster self-enrichment and personal development in over 2,300 classes, programs and activities.
  • We preserve and drive community economic value by providing diverse programs, well-maintained neighborhood and community parks, trails and open space to attract and retain residents, businesses and visitors.
  • We strengthen community engagement by working closely with community partners and clubs, coordinating volunteer activities, co-sponsoring community events, and supporting local charities.
  • We preserve and protect natural resources of California by conscientiously and proactively maintaining the District's 269 acres of parkland.
  • We improve safety and security by providing positive recreational activities and safe environments for at-risk groups.
  • For more information on District programs, events and facilities, visit